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Configuring your browser and installing components Details

Includes system requirements, PC and browser setup, installing GoFileRoom Add-Ins

Setting up and exploring your application Details

Includes accessing GoFileRoom, using the Home screen, setting up notifications, setting up preferences, navigating GoFileRoom, using the FileRoom, using the GoFileRoom viewer, using the ControlPanel, using QuickLaunch, administration, managing users and groups

Managing workflow Details

Includes FirmFlow administration; adding, navigating, routing, and deleting workflows; managing deliverables; using checklists; accessing assigned work; working with workflow reports; adding notes

Managing documents Details

Includes adding, editing, indexing, scanning, and searching for documents; import file utility; lookup utility; adding emails; adding links to documents; redaction; emailing, printing and faxing documents;working with PDFs

Reporting Details

Includes document audit and tracking reports, login history, workflow management reports, security reports

Archiving Details

Includes archiving and purging documents, creating document retention policies, restoring deleted documents

Troubleshooting Details

Includes troubleshooting Add-Ins, FirmFlow import errors, lookup list synchronization errors, "Scanned" status alerts

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