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For tax year 2016, Thomson Reuters is working in partnership with the IRS to meet new requirements that help strengthen security for all tax-related software for professionals. Per the IRS requirements for software, CS Professional Suite applications will now have a timeout period. 

After 30 minutes of inactivity, each CS Professional Suite applications will time out and users will be required to re-authenticate using their credentials – although access is suspended, the operation of the software is not, so processes such as long print jobs will continue during the timeout.

While not CS Professional Suite applications, GoFileRoom (including AdvanceFlow) and GoSystem Tax RS are also subject to the 30 minute time out requirement.

Inactivity depends on how you access your CS Professional Suite application(s). Based on how you use your CS Professional Suite application(s), see the appropriate section below.  

Virtual Office CS, Software as a Service (SaaS), Terminal Server, or Citrix 

Accessing your CS Professional Suite applications through Virtual Office, SaaS, an installation on a Terminal Server, or through Citrix establishes a remote session. The timeout countdown begins the last time a remote session window is accessed. The timeout is not based on activity on the local workstation.

For each CS Professional Suite application you have open, any activity within one of those applications prevents the timeout 'countdown' from occurring. This is true whether you access your applications via Virtual Office CS, SaaS, a Terminal Server, or through Citrix. For example:

Note: If you are accessing your CS Professional Suite applications through your NetStaff homepage, your NetStaff session will time out separately from your applications. For example, your NetStaff portal will require you to re-authenticate using your credentials to open FileCabinet CS from your NetStaff homepage after being logged in and working in UltraTax CS an hour.

CS Professional Suite applications (desktop only)

Any activity on the workstation prevents the timeout ‘countdown’ from occurring. For example:

Note: If you run multiple applications simultaneously, each will time out individually and require re-authentication after 30 minutes of inactivity. The timeout countdown will begins when you open an application.

Internal: GoSystem Tax RS users may find additional information by searching application security in the Customer Center.

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