Troubleshooting application or website login errors for CS Professional Suite

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For troubleshooting specific error messages, see the appropriate error message and solution below. 

Issues preventing access to both CS Web and CS Professional Suite applications

Issues preventing access to or the creation of Thomson Reuters IDs

Issues preventing access to CS Professional Suite applications

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Internal only

Errors logging in to a CS Web account, verify the following:

  • A CS Web account has been created. If there is a "C" in the contacts roles column of Flash or EMS, an account has already been created.
  • If registration of their CS Web account has been completed. The EMS Migration Support tool is available to verify this. For assistance, see Internal: CS Web accounts - using EMS Migration Support.
  • If they have forgotten the password for their account. For additional information about resetting passwords - including troubleshooting steps for resetting passwords - see Resetting or updating CS Web account passwords.
  • If they cannot log in after recently updating their email address. Try logging in with the old email address and performing the update again.
  • Check EMS to see if any of the following are true for the external user:
    • They are incorrectly listed under more than one firm ID.
    • They appear more than once in the contacts list for the given firm ID.
    • The email address associated with that individual's login is also associated with another listed contact.

Errors logging in to applications, verify the following:

  • They have successfully logged in to their CS Web account on time after receiving Software only or Web & Software permissions from their CS Web administrator. 
  • The correct permissions to access CS Professional Suite applications have been assigned by the CS Web Administrator. For assistance verifying this using EMS, see Internal: Verifying application login credentials with EMS. For CS Web administrators that need assistance upgrading permissions, see Creating and managing CS Web accounts.
  • Verify the firm ID associated with the license for the application being used. The associated firm ID can be viewed in the lower right portion of the application sign in screen.  

No sign in screen, first program just opens OR being prompted to sign into every application despite already being signed into an active CS application

  1. Confirm all CS Professional Suite applications are up to date with the most recent release.
  2. Firms that should sign in with NetStaff creds should complete the steps discussing in Troubleshooting MFA, NetStaff account no longer able to use SSO after enabling MFA.
  3. Have the user close all CS Professional Suite applications and reboot/restart/reset their computer, all mean the same thing, and try again.
  4. If the issue persists, work with a Resolver for additional troubleshooting assistance. If the Resolver advises you enter an Authentication Escalation Request Form, provide full detail of the issue and all troubleshooting steps you completed leading up to the escalation. At that point, TRTA Platform Analysts will advise you how to proceed.


    • Directions to a customer can only be given over the phone . Do not send instructions to a customer in any form of written communication such as, email or Kana.
    • Do not mention specific file names to firms.
    • Do not include the path provided to you by the Senior Specialists in your Flash notes.