Using the Authenticator app to sign in when your device does not have an internet connection

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If you have enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your account and your mobile device does not have an internet connection, you must enter the code from the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app to log in.

  1. On the sign in screen on your computer, click Enter a code when prompted to complete multi-factor authentication.
  2. Open the Authenticator app on your mobile device. A security code is displayed on the home screen.
  3. On your computer, enter the code displayed in the Authenticator app.


  • Codes available in the Authenticator app are valid for 30 seconds. When the code expires, a new code is automatically generated.
  • If multiple accounts are paired with your mobile device, verify that you're using the code for the account you're signing in with.

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Internal only

Some users have reported license expiration errors when following the procedures in this article. These types of errors are generated by the device's manufacturer and can affect all apps installed on the device. These are not Thomson Reuters' errors. The Thomson Reuters Authenticator app does not have an online requirement or license requirement. Some devices will occasionally need to be connected to the internet to keep up-to-date and have access to applications. If a user reports this error, try the following:

  • have the user try to restart the device.
  • have the user try to connect the device to the internet.

If those items do not work, have the user contact the device's manufacturer or IT professional.