Print drivers available on Virtual Office CS and Virtual Client Office

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If you are considering purchasing a new printer for Virtual Office CS or Virtual Client Office, you should verify that the printer is supported on Windows Server 2016 and Terminal Server / Citrix. The Thomson Reuters Virtual Office CS servers support the default Microsoft-installed print drivers native to the server operating system.

Click here to view a list of Windows Server 2016 Native Drivers.


  • The version / type of the print driver installed locally on the workstation determines the mapping of the corresponding driver on Virtual Office during the start of the Citrix Session. If you decide to change the local print driver, you will need to log out of all Virtual Office applications for the change to take effect.
  • If your print driver is not installed on the Virtual Office CS servers, your printer will be assigned / mapped to Citrix Universal Printer Driver automatically. This default print driver works with most current printers; however, some of your printer's functionality may not be available.
  • Thomson Reuters has not tested all printers listed above. These are printers most likely to be compatible and allow proper functionality with Thomson Reuters applications. 

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