Modifying a NetStaff CS user’s access to Staff Availability

Alerts and notices

The Staff Availability module is free and provides a way to track the availability of your firm’ NetStaff CS users. Staff Availability includes all NetStaff CS users and constantly updates the status of all users.

To modify a NetStaff CS user’s access to Staff Availability, follow these steps.

  1. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, click the Users link in the NetStaff CS section.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, you don’t have access to this area.

  2. In the Users list, enter any part of the user’s name or login in the Find field, and click the user’s name. NetFirm CS displays the user’s information on the right.

    Tip: Delete the entry from the Find field to view the full list of users.

  3. In the Permissions section, click the Enable button or the Disable button for Staff Availability.
  4. Click Enter at the bottom of the screen.