Enabling Microsoft Exchange in Virtual Office CS or SaaS for a NetStaff CS user

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Microsoft Exchange is an email service option available with Virtual Office CS or SaaS. This will allow you to access email using Microsoft Outlook in that environment. A domain name is required for the setup of Microsoft Exchange. Once the account is active, you can sync the email messages with phones and tablets using Active Sync.

Note: Microsoft Exchange is billable (some exceptions may apply).

The user must have Virtual Office CS or SaaS permissions enabled before the Microsoft Exchange account can be set up.

  1. In the Admin tab of the navigation pane, click the Users link in the NetStaff CS section.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, you don’t have access to this area.

  2. In the Users pane, enter any part of the user’s name or login in the Find field, and click the user’s name. NetFirm CS displays the user’s information on the right.

    If the mailbox is already enabled and active you can update the primary email address and the mail items will remain in the mailbox from the prior address. If you want to create a new mailbox and remove the old mail items, disable exchange, then enable it with the new email address.

  3. In the Settings section, click the Enable button for Microsoft Exchange.
  4. In the Virtual Office CS or SaaS Microsoft Exchange Settings dialog, enter the email addresses the user will access through Microsoft Exchange.


    • The first email address that you enter for the user is considered his primary email address. You can enter additional email addresses for which the user should receive mail, but the additional addresses cannot match the primary address of any other user.
    • Messages sent via Exchange will use the primary email address as the "From" address. Secondary or alias accounts cannot be used.
    • You should enter only email addresses with domain names that your firm has registered. For example, you should not enter email addresses that include the following domain names: aol.com, yahoo.com, and gmail.com. Although you cannot set up Exchange for email addresses with domain names that your firm has not registered, you can set up POP3 accounts for these email addresses and receive mail through Microsoft Outlook in Virtual Office CS or SaaS. For more information about doing this, see Configuring Outlook 2010 to receive POP3 email in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment.
    • If you are licensed for Web Builder CS Email, you cannot use your Web Builder CS domain for both Exchange and Web Builder CS Email.
    • Only five email addresses can be configured on this screen. If you need to add additional addresses, contact support.

      Internal note: If a user needs more than 5 email addresses entered, email CPT at cs.citrixportaltech@thomson.com to complete requests for additional email addresses to be set up.

  5. Click Enter.

    If you click the Enable button for Microsoft Exchange again, you will see a "Setup in progress" message to the right of each email address. This message appears until the Thomson Reuters Virtual Office CS or SaaS administrators set up the account for each email address, which takes 3 – 5 business days. As each account is set up, the message changes to "Active." Note that the Exchange account will be active for this portal until the portal is deleted.

    Let the setup in progress complete before taking further action unless you need to disable it.

  6. One-time setup: After the status of the first Exchange account that your firm adds changes to "Active," you need to configure Microsoft Exchange. You do not need to repeat this step for exchange accounts that your firm adds later.

    If you configure Exchange before the status of your firm’s first Exchange account changes to Active, the staff member may be without mail for several days.

Note: ActiveSync allows Microsoft Exchange users to access their Microsoft Outlook personal calendar, contacts, and email through a phone or other personal handheld device. Before a NetStaff CS user can synchronize Virtual Office CS or SaaS Outlook data with an Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Mobile, or Palm device, you must complete the Microsoft Exchange setup for the NetStaff CS user. To view information about devices that can synchronize data with Microsoft Exchange servers, see Enabling ActiveSync with Virtual Office CS or SaaS Outlook.

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