Entering W-2 information from multiple employers or states

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Use this procedure to enter W-2 information for a taxpayer or spouse who earned wages from more than one employer or in more than one state.

Note: To enter W-2 information for only a single employer or state for a taxpayer or spouse, you do not need to perform the steps in this procedure. Enter data directly in the fields in the Income > Wages tab.

  1. In the main data-entry window of the federal module, click the Income button and then click the Wages tab.
  2. In the Wages tab, double-click a data-entry field for either the taxpayer or spouse. The W-2 Information dialog opens.


    • You can also open the W-2 Information dialog by selecting a data-entry field and choosing Edit > Allocations.
    • The W-2 Information dialog displays "Taxpayer" or "Spouse," near the top-left corner, depending on which field you clicked to open the dialog.
  3. In the W-2 Information dialog, enter the name of the employer in the Employer name field.

    Note: If necessary, click the New button to add a new employer.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Enter W-2 information in the available fields, as applicable.
    • Click the Wage Projection button and enter paycheck information to have Planner CS calculate projected wages, which can be automatically transferred to this dialog. See Projecting wages from a year-to-date pay stub or single paycheck for details.

      Note: You will be prompted to create a new W-2 if you click the Wage Projection button and have previously entered wage amounts for the current employer.

  5. To enter wage information for another employer, click the New button, enter the employer's name, and repeat the previous step.
  6. Click OK when finished. Planner CS will enter wage information in the appropriate taxpayer or spouse fields in the main data-entry window. Amounts will appear bold.

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