Using the Find Field feature

Use this procedure to search for a word or phrase that appears in data-entry or calculated field names or in the help for those fields.

Tip: To conduct a default search of data-entry field names, enter a word or phrase in the Find Find field field on the toolbar and press ENTER.

  1. Open a plan.
  2. Click the Find Data Entry Field Find Data Entry Field button button on the toolbar, or choose Edit > Find > Field, in the main data-entry window. The Find Field dialog opens.
  3. In the Search Text field, enter a word or phrase related to the field you want to locate.
  4. In the Field Types group box, mark one or both of the following checkboxes.

    • Data Entry Fields: Planner CS searches all of the data-entry fields in the main data-entry window.
    • Other Fields: Planner CS searches all of the calculated fields and title fields in the main data-entry window.
  5. In the Matching Options group box, select one of the following options.

    • Field Names: Planner CS searches the field names in the main data-entry window.
    • Field Help: Planner CS searches the context-sensitive help associated with the field. (Context-sensitive help is accessible for certain fields by clicking the field and pressing F1.)
  6. Click the Find button. The results list appears in the Find Field dialog, indicating which fields contain the searched text (either in the field name or in the associated context-sensitive field help, depending on your search criteria). If applicable, the context-sensitive help text for the fields in the results list appears at the bottom of the dialog.
  7. Click the row that contains the field for which you are searching and click the Go To button. Planner CS displays the field in which the text appears.

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