Watch Window overview

Alerts and notices

The Watch Window, displayed below the main data-entry window, enables you to monitor how information entered in the main data-entry window affects specific calculations in the plan. As plan data is entered, related fields in the Watch Window are automatically updated. The variables, or lines, shown in the Watch Window can be saved as Watch Window templates.

To view the Watch Window when a plan is open, choose Tools > Watch Window > Show > [name of template].

Click the following links for details about using the Watch Window.

Use the main data-entry window to create or modify Watch Window templates - Creating and modifying templates in the main data-entry window enables you to add or remove fields in a Watch Window while working in a plan.

Use the Watch Window designer to create, modify, or delete Watch Window templates - Using the Watch Window designer, which lists every field in the federal and state modules you have licensed and installed, enables you to create, modify, or delete Watch Window templates from a central location.

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