Setting up multiple data locations

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You can maintain Planner CS plan data in multiple locations by adding data paths in Planner CS. Use the following procedures to add data paths, move plan data to those paths, and learn who can access those paths.

Adding data paths

To add a new data path, choose Tools > Change Data Path, navigate to the desired location, and click OK. 

Note: You can also use this step to change an existing data path. For more information, see Changing the data path.

The new data path will display in the Data Locations section on the Planner CS Home Page, along with any previous plan data locations. 

Moving plan data to new data paths

If plan data already exists in the new location, choose Tools > Update Plan List to update the list of plans.

Note: We recommend backing up your plan data prior to attempting to move your plans.

If plan data does not yet exist in the new location, complete the following procedure.

  1. Review the Planner CS home page to verify what data locations currently exist. 
  2. Using File Explorer, outside of Planner CS, navigate out to the directory where the plans are currently being stored.
  3. Highlight and copy any plan(s) you want to move. 
  4. Navigate to the new directory you want to move the plan(s) to and paste the plan data.

    Note: The plan(s) in the old location should be deleted to avoid duplicate data files which could cause conflict in the future.

  5. In Planner CS, choose Tools > Change Data Path and choose the new data path you pasted the plan(s) to.
  6. Choose Tools > Update Plan list to populate the list of plans from the new directory.

Note: It is also possible to move data by backing up and restoring plans. When restoring a plan under File > Restore, in the Restore/Check In screen, choose Program Data Path to restore the plan to the new directory. If the backup was created from an existing data path, the client in the prior data path should be deleted to prevent future conflicts.

Accessing data paths

When you choose File > Open to open a plan, the Open Plan dialog lists plans from all data locations. The ability of staff members to open plans depends on whether the plans are saved in shared network locations or non-network or private locations. 

  • Shared network locations: If a new plan data path has a shared location, any staff member who has access to that shared data location can view and open plans within that data location on the Planner CS Home Page in the Data Locations section. These locations will have an Online status. 
  • Non-network or private locations: If a plan data path has a private location such as a personal drive, other staff members will be able to view the location, but it will have an Offline status. If a staff member tries to open a plan in a data path not shared with them, a Plan is not accessible in its last known data path error message will display. If this message displays, click Cancel to avoid removing a plan data location for other staff members. 

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Internal notes

Planner CS indexes all of the data locations in the client.udx file located in X:\WinCSI\$UTPSys. You can rename this file to reset to the default plan data location. The plan list must be rebuilt after renaming this file.