Inserting plan data into a client letter

To insert plan data from the open plan into a client letter or client letter template, perform the follwoing steps.

  1. Choose Reports > Client Letters… (RTF or DOC, depending on which you previously used to create the letter or template; see Creating a client letter for more information).
  2. Choose File > Open and open the client letter.
  3. Place the cursor where you want to insert data.
  4. Choose Planner Data > Insert to open the Select Data to Insert into Document dialog.
  5. From the Alternative field, select the alternative from which you want to insert data.
  6. From the Year field, select the year from which you want to insert data.
  7. The list displays all of the buttons and tabs contained in the plan for the alternative and year you selected in the steps above. Click the appropriate button, then highlight the tab that contains the variable you want to include in the client letter. Each variable represents a field in the data-entry window.
  8. To add data to the client letter, highlight the variable in the list and click the Assign button. The data contained in the data entry field is inserted into the client letter.

    Note: You can assign a positive value to data with a negative value in your client letter by choosing Planner Data > Variables - Show absolute value. This will switch negative amounts to positive amounts without affecting the actual plan data.

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