Creating client letters

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You can create and edit client letters using the word processor built into Planner CS or Microsoft Word (if it is installed on your computer).

  1. From the Reports menu, choose one of the following:
    • If you want to use the Planner CS built-in letter editor, choose Client Letters - .RTF.
    • If Microsoft Word is installed on your computer and you want to use it to create client letters, choose Client Letters - .DOC. Planner CS adds a menu named Planner Data to the menu bar in Word and alters the commands in Word's File menu, allowing you to save client letter templates as well as custom letters.
  2. The word processor you have chosen opens with a new, blank letter. To edit an existing letter or template instead, choose File > Open and open the desired document.
  3. Enter any text and format the document as you want.

    Note: If desired, you can insert plan data into a client letter.

  4. When finished, choose File > Save As if you are creating a new letter, or choose File > Save if editing an existing letter or one that was previously saved.
    • To save this client letter as a template to use for other client letters, click the Template option and click OK.
    • To save the client letter as a unique letter for the open plan, click the Custom option. Enter a name for the letter in the Letter name field, then click OK.
  5. After saving the client letter, choose File > Exit to return to Planner CS.

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