Installation and Setup Guide for Planner CS

Alerts and notices

Use this step-by-step guide to install and customize Planner CS 


We recommend identifying a product champion in your firm to be your "go-to" person for Planner CS. To complete the initial setup of Planner CS, complete the following steps in order. 

Step 1: Install Planner CS and configure your environment

  1. You will want to work with your IT professional to make sure your environment meets our system requirements.
  2. Configure your Antivirus and Firewall to stay protected without compromising performance, function or stability.
  3. For installation instructions see the Planner CS Installation Toolkit.

Step 2: Preparer Setup

 Enter your preparer information 

Choose File > New to assign a preparer to a new plan, or open a plan and choose File > Plan Information to assign a preparer to an existing plan.

Step 3: Plan Setup

Best Practices

  • Planner CS Tips
    • The Planner CS tips sheet will assist in understanding the navigation and available features. 
  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Comparison
    • This plan has a side-by-side comparison of the client data with and without the TCJA: the 2017 client data with the tax liability calculated under 2017 law displays in the first column, and the tax liability calculated using the provisions of the TCJA displays in the second column.
  • Qualified Business Income deduction
    • Planner CS allows for Qualified Business Income deductions to be entered on an activity-by-activity basis. 
  • Printing Reports and Graphs

You can use the Print conditions dialog to set a specific preparer’s print conditions, and these preferences will automatically transfer to any plan printed by that preparer.

  • Using annualized plans
    • An annualized plan is a one-year, four-period plan that calculates federal quarterly estimated payments. Annualized plans allow you to provide different quarterly payment amounts for clients whose income is earned unevenly throughout the year.
  • Additional Features

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