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The Planner CS toolbar is located at the top of the main data-entry window and contains buttons that you can click to perform common tasks. If you cannot remember what a toolbar button does, position the mouse pointer over the button to display a short on-screen description of the button.

Planner CS toolbar
Buttons Functions
New button Opens the New Plan dialog in which you can enter information for a new plan.
Open button Opens the Open Plan dialog in which you can select an existing plan for entering data, printing reports and graphs, and so on.
Close button Closes the open plan. (This button is only available when a plan is open.)
Save button Saves all information entered for the open plan. (This button is only available when a plan is open.)
Plan Information button Opens the Plan Information dialog, which allows you to edit the open plan's information. (This button is only available when a plan is open.)
Plan Comments button Opens a dialog in which you can enter comments specific to an open plan. You can choose to have those comments displayed each time the plan is opened. (This button is only available when a plan is open.)
Print Reports button Opens the Print Reports dialog in which you can select various printing options, including whether to print or preview the selected report or graph, the number of copies to print, and the collation sequence. You can also choose to print a report set, which allows you to print a group of reports as though you were printing one report. (This button is only available when a plan is open.)
Print Current Tab button Prints the standard report that shows all information for the current tab in the main data-entry window.
View by Year button View by Alternative button Toggles the main data-entry window so that the open plan's information is organized either by alternative first and then by the years within each alternative, or by the years first and then the alternatives within each year. Note that one of these buttons is available only if a plan is open.
Show alerts button Opens the Alerts dialog in which you can view whether this plan includes hidden years or alternatives. This dialog will open each time you open a plan with hidden years or alternatives, unless you clear the Display alerts when plan is opened checkbox. You can also mark or clear this checkbox in the Navigation group box in the Preparer Options dialog. (This button is only available when a plan with hidden years or alternatives is open.)
Watch Window Templates button Opens the Watch Window dialog in which you can select which template to display in the Watch Window or delete templates. By clicking the Watch Window Templates button, you can create and edit templates. (This button is only available when a plan is open.)
Cell Movement Direction button Cell Movement Direction button Controls the direction the cursor moves when you press TAB or ENTER to navigate between fields in the main data-entry window. Click the button to change the direction the cursor will move. When the arrow points down, the cursor moves to the cell below when you press TAB or ENTER. When the arrow points to the right, the cursor moves to the cell to the right when you press TAB or ENTER.
Smart Data Entry button Smart data entry 2 Click this button to toggle smart data entry on or off. This feature helps expedite data entry by allowing you to automatically bypass fields in which data entry is not required.
Auto-spread Annualized button Automatically distribute or copy (depending on field type) entered amounts to subsequent periods within the year. (This button is only available for annualized plans.)
Overrides button Overrides button disabled This button is enabled and changes from gray to red when calculated values are overridden in the current federal or state module. Click this button to view a list of all overridden amounts in the current module. Click an item in the list to navigate to that field.
Find field and Find Data Entry Field button Searches for a word or phrase that appears in federal and state fields in the main data-entry window. In the Find Field dialog, which opens after a search or by clicking the button to the right of the field, you can limit the search by data-entry or calculated field and choose to search field names or field help.
CS Connect button Opens CS Connect, where application updates and user bulletins are available.
FileCabinet CS button Opens FileCabinet CS in which you can store documents from CS Professional Suite applications such as tax returns or extensions from UltraTax/1040 or tax plans from Planner CS. (This button appears only if FileCabinet CS is installed or you have run the FileCabinet CS desktop setup.)
Home Page button Opens and closes the Planner CS Home Page, where you can access links to important application-related notices, recently opened plans, data locations, and the Planner CS Getting Started guide (PDF).
Search field and Help button Search the Help & How-To Center, which includes extensive information about using Planner CS such as descriptions of windows and dialogs, step-by-step instructions, reference information, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.
Federal button Opens the federal module for an open plan.
State buttons (resident and nonresident) Opens a state module, if present, for an open plan. The first state button is the taxpayer's resident state. The second state button is a nonresident state. Click the arrow next to a nonresident state to select additional nonresident states, if present.

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