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The menu bar at the top of the main data-entry window provides menus from which you can choose commands for performing various tasks or accessing different areas in Planner CS. The following table summarizes the commands available in these menus.

Menu Commands

This menu includes the following tasks.

  • Add, delete, open, close, rename, and save plans.
  • View plan data.
  • Back up or restore plan data.
  • Start CS Connect.

    Planner CS supports CS Connect, which allows you to get application updates, user bulletins, and other timely information electronically. You can schedule CS Connect to get information during off-hours either by modem or through your internet connection. For more information, see CS Connect.

  • Print plan reports, client letters, graphs, and IRS Form 1040-ES.

This menu includes the following data-entry tasks.

  • Copy the numeric value of a highlighted number across columns.
  • Automatically increase the numeric value by percentage or amount across columns.
  • Copy an entire column to another column throughout the plan or on the current tab only.
  • Manage data by locking and unlocking specific columns.
  • Add or remove plan alternatives, years, or states.
  • Rename alternatives.
  • Allocate amounts between taxpayers and spouses, and/or between state modules.
  • Remove overriding entries.
  • Remove data-entry rows from print.
  • Enter field notes.
  • Enter plan comments.

Note: This menu appears only when a plan is open.


This menu includes the following tasks to change the appearance of the open plan's data in the main data-entry window.

  • View data for federal and state modules.
  • View data by year or alternative.
  • View the open plan in single base year format.
  • Hide or rearrange the columns of years or alternatives.
  • View differences between fields.
  • View a diagnostic report that lists federal or state calculated fields with overridden amounts.
  • View tips about imported data.
  • View research information via Checkpoint, if licensed, and IRS forms and instructions.
  • Show or hide the main toolbar and status bar.

This menu includes the following tasks related to viewing, entering, and calculating data.

  • Show, hide, or modify the Watch Window.
  • Copy data for a married filing joint alternative into a separate alternative for each spouse's data (details).
  • Toggle between automatically and manually calculating fields.
  • Open the Result Finder dialog to solve for the value of a selected input field that corresponds with a target value for a selected calculated field.
  • Enter preparer information and options.
  • Change the current preparer.
  • Change the data path.
  • Change the system configuration folder location (terminal server installations only).
  • Enter federal interest rates for underwithholding penalty calculations.
  • Update the list of available plans.
  • Open FileCabinet CS, if licensed.
  • Import data from GoSystem Tax RS.

This menu includes the following reporting tasks.


This menu includes the following tasks to assist you with using Planner CS.

  • Access the Help & How-To Center, where you can to find extensive information about using Fixed Assets CS.
  • Access frequently asked questions.
  • View current application information and user bulletins.
  • Access web resources.

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