Assessing service charges

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Before you can assess service charges, your firm administrator must set up service charge information.

  1. Choose Actions > Assess Service Charges.

    Note: The Assess Service Charges screen is available only if you have security privileges for service charge data.

  2. Enter a date in the Calculate Service Charges through field.
  3. Practice CS calculates all service charges according to the rates your firm has set up.

    Tip: To print the items shown on the screen, click the Journal button.

  4. If you want to narrow down the list of service charges, select an item from the Filter drop-down list, or click the More More button button to create your own filter. See Filtering your data for more information about creating custom filters.
  5. Mark the checkbox for each service charge you want to assess.
  6. Click the Post Selected button.


  • The Assess Service Charges screen is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to the screen by a different name. To view the default names for user-defined items, choose Help > Enable Default Terminology (or press CTRL+SHIFT+H).
  • If you have security privileges, you can override the service charge amounts Practice CS calculates. Overridden amounts will appear in red numerals. To override a service charge, edit the amount in the Service Charge column, and then post your changes. Unposted changes will revert to the calculated amounts.
  • For more information about assessing service charges, see the Practice CS Accounts Receivable WalkThrough.

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