Using Smart Bill

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Smart Bill allows you to distribute bill amounts and adjustments among the selected transactions in Detail Billing. To use Smart Bill, follow these steps.

  1. From the Actions menu, choose Billing.
  2. Select the client you want to bill and click the Detail Bill Selected button.
  3. In the Detail Billing screen, click the Time & Expense tab.
  4. Mark the checkboxes for the individual transactions you want to Smart Bill, or right-click and choose Select All from the context menu if you want to Smart Bill all the transactions.
  5. Right-click again and choose Smart Bill Selected.
  6. In the Smart Bill dialog, the Selected Amount field shows the total amount of the selected transactions. This field is read-only.
  7. By default, the amount in the Billed field is equal to the Selected Amount. You can enter a different amount in the Billed field, if necessary.
  8. The Adjusted field calculates the difference between the Selected and Billed fields (Adjusted = Billed - Selected).
  9. The Carryover field calculates any remaining amount (Carryover = Selected Amount - Billed + Adjusted).
  10. Click OK to complete the Smart Bill and return to the Detail Billing screen.
  11. The application distributes the billed and adjusted amounts among the selected transactions.

    Note: If there is a carryover amount, it is distributed among the transactions based on their proportion to the total amount of the entries billed. The carryover will be available for billing next time the client is billed.

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