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For clients that require greater control over the billing amounts or invoice presentation, use the Detail Billing screen. The Detail Billing screen offers a variety of ways to bill at any level of detail you might need.

In the Billing screen, mark the checkboxes for the clients you want to bill and then click the Detail Bill Selected button to open the Detail Billing screen.

In Detail Billing, you can:

Note: Before you begin, you should set up your user preferences for billing, such as default due date, rounding methods, and so on.


Use the Summary tab to specify invoice information, bill amounts, due dates, and adjustments. Click the More More button button if you would like to enter a progress bill. The Summary tab offers you another way to Quick Bill your clients. You can enter either the billed or the adjusted amount and the application will complete the remaining fields for you.

Time & Expenses

The Time & Expenses tab shows the WIP detail for the selected client and allows you to bill at the level of individual WIP transactions. You can right-click and use the context menu to choose how to bill the selected entries, unbill entries, print the list of time entry transactions, and edit the transactions directly from this screen.


Use the Nonbillable tab to track time spent on nonbillable activities and relieve WIP for nonbillable items.


The Links tab enables you to add links to files, folders, websites, interactions, or documents outside of Practice CS, including documents stored in FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom.


Use the Compose tab to make changes to the detail section of an invoice. In this tab, you can view the invoice detail as it would appear on the invoice, change font properties, and format the text of the invoice as needed.


Use the Preview tab to review your invoice on screen.

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