Relieving nonbillable time and expenses

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Use the Nonbillable tab of the Detail Billing screen to track time spent on nonbillable client activities, and to relieve WIP for nonbillable firm activities such as filing and copying.


  • You cannot relieve transactions entered for an activity with a class of Administrative, because you cannot select an administrative client in the Billing Selection screen.
  • If you enter time or expense transactions using activities with a class of Nonbillable, these transactions will continue to appear on your Billing Worksheet report if you elect to include nonbillable transactions. To not show nonbillable transactions related to work you have billed, you can relieve them while creating an invoice in Detail Billing.

To relieve nonbillable time and expense transactions, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Actions > Billing.
  2. Select the clients you want to bill.
  3. Click the Detail Bill Selected button.
  4. Enter the billing information.
  5. Click the Nonbillable tab. If you wish, you can summarize the list by any items in the list. To do so, mark the appropriate Summarize By checkbox(es).
  6. In the Relieved column, mark the checkbox next to each item that you want to relieve.
  7. Click the Save button or Save and Print button to relieve the WIP.

    The nonbillable transactions you selected on the Nonbillable tab will no longer appear on the Billing Worksheet report.

Note: You can set up your firm to automatically relieve nonbillable time. To do so, choose Setup > Firm > Billing and A/R tab. In the Billing options section, mark the Automatically Relieve Nonbillable WIP checkbox.

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