Setting file locations

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To integrate Practice CS features with the following CS Professional Suite applications, you need to direct Practice CS to the data locations for these applications.

  • Accounting CS
  • Creative Solutions Accounting
  • FileCabinet CS
  • Fixed Assets CS
  • UltraTax CS

Use the File Locations dialog to specify the path to the data locations for your CS Professional Suite applications.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration > File Locations.
  2. Click the More More button button for the data location you want to specify, and navigate to the appropriate folder in the Browse For Folder dialog.
  3. Click OK to close the Browse For Folder dialog.

    Note: Click the Use Default Paths button to choose the default data locations for all applications.

  4. Click OK again to close the File Locations dialog.

Note: You can enter multiple data locations for UltraTax CS and Accounting CS. To enter additional data locations, click the first open row beneath the existing location(s) for the application, then click the More More button button and navigate to the data location.

If you use Practice CS in Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service, you may want to review the Virtual Office CS or SaaS drive mappings and default locations to find the locations you need to enter.

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