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The Benefits portlet is available on the Staff Dashboard.

Note: This portlet is available only if you are licensed for the Staff Management module and have security privileges to view benefits.

The Benefits portlet allows staff to see their benefit balances at a glance, including hours earned, used, and remaining. If you have security privileges, you can click the title bar to jump to the Benefits tab of the Manage Staff screen.

  • Benefit — Description of the benefit activity
  • Beg Bal — Balance as of the beginning of the benefit year
  • Earned YTD — Total hours earned for each type of benefit activity
  • Used YTD — Total hours used during the current benefit year
  • Balance — (Beginning Balance + Earned YTD) - Used YTD
  • Remaining Accruals — Sum of all accruals after the current system date. For Comp Time, Remaining Accruals is always 0.00.
  • Carryover Max — Maximum hours allowed to be carried over into the next benefit year (from Setup > Activities).
  • To Use — (Balance + Accruals) - Carryover Max

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