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The dashboards in Practice CS can be populated with a variety of portlets, which provide a snapshot of various pertinent information for your firm, clients, and staff. You can choose which portlets should appear on your dashboards using the Select Portlets dialog, and arrange the layout of the portlets you choose to display.

Portlets may display summaries of data pulled from Practice CS, reports, time entry information, client information, your email and calendar, staff availability, FileCabinet CS documents, and more. Some of these portlets also serve as links to data, reports, or other information.

Note: The data displayed in portlets may be limited by your security permissions. See the help on individual portlets (below) for specifics on how information can be restricted.

What follows is an overview of the different portlets available in Practice CS.

Home Dashboard

Note: All of the portlets available on the Home Dashboard are also available on the other dashboards (Client, Firm, and Staff).

To open the Home Dashboard, choose Home Dashboard from the View menu.

Firm Dashboard

To open the Firm Dashboard, choose Firm Dashboard from the View menu, or click the Dashboard action icon in the Firm navigation pane.

Practice CS data Other info

Staff Dashboard

To open the Staff Dashboard, choose Staff Dashboard from the View menu, or click the Dashboard action icon in the Staff navigation pane.

Practice CS data Other info

Client Dashboard

To open the Client Dashboard, choose Client Dashboard from the View menu, or click the Dashboard action icon in the Client navigation pane.

  • Select a client from the drop-down list at the top of the screen to display information for that client.
  • Mark the Include Client family data checkbox to display information for both parent and subsidiary clients in the portlets. Clear the checkbox if you want to see only the parent client’s data.

    Note: This checkbox is available only on the parent client’s dashboard when they have a subsidiary client set up (Setup > Clients > Billing and A/R tab).
    Your firm may have clients that are responsible for billing of services provided to other, related clients. In Practice CS, this collection of related clients is referred to as a client family. The client that you bill for services is the parent client, and a related client that bills to the parent client is a subsidiary client.
Practice CS data Other info

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