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The Client Information portlet is available on the Client Dashboard.

This portlet provides a summary of the selected client’s contact information. Click the title bar to jump to the Clients setup screen. Certain fields in this portlet are hyperlinked, allowing you to open the Contact dialog, get a map to an address, start an email message, or open the client’s website. Click the address to view driving directions from your office to the contact’s location using MapQuest. The directions will open in your default web browser.

Right-click and choose Copy Client Information from the context menu to copy the portlet information into a document.

Security note: When you enable security privileges for a portlet on the Security Groups setup screen, Practice CS may also enable privileges to view the data available in the portlet. Conversely, removing privileges for viewing data may also remove privileges for related portlets. Consult the Privileges changed pane on the Security Groups setup screen to see all privilege changes that are triggered by enabling access to a portlet.

For this portlet, if no privileges are already enabled for the following security option(s), full privileges will be enabled.

  • Menu > Setup > Clients > View

Information displayed in this portlet also depends on which tabs the user has security privileges to view under Setup Menu > Clients.

If your firm has multiple offices, you may want to rescind privileges to information for other offices. See More about security privileges for additional information on the relationships between various security privileges.

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