File Transfers portlet

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The File Transfers portlet is available on the Firm, Staff, and Clients Dashboards.

Note: The File Transfers portlet is available if your firm is licensed for the Client Management module and NetFirm CS.

This portlet shows information related to file transfers. The information is filtered according to the dashboard on which the portlet resides; for example, on the Staff Dashboard, only information about file transfers involving the staff member currently logged in will be shown.

For more information on the status information shown in this portlet, see File transfer status.

Select a transfer in the top pane to view additional details for that transfer in the bottom pane. Double-click a transfer to view it in a read-only dialog. Mark the Show last 30 days only and/or Open Transfers Only checkboxes to narrow the list of transfers.

Click the Field Chooser Field Chooser button button to choose the fields to be shown in this portlet.

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