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The Practice CS Library portlet is available on all dashboards.

This portlet enables you to download custom formats and formulas created by others in the industry or by Thomson Reuters. You can also submit your own custom formats for consideration. Hover your mouse pointer over the name of a report or formula to see a description and some basic instructions. Click a report name to see a sample preview of the report. If the report looks like one you would like to use, click the Import icon to add it to your list of available reports in Practice CS. Imported reports are added to the Print Reports screen under the appropriate category, as well as the Custom Formats screen.

This portlet features a Help Videos & PDFs section from which you can view all of the Practice CS documentation in PDF (portable document format), and animated videos, in one place. It also contains a list of the latest user bulletins for releases and CS Connect updates.

The Suggestions library allows users who subscribe to submit and vote on ideas for Practice CS.

Right-click within this portlet for Print and Print Preview commands.

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