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The Prior Invoices portlet is available on the Client Dashboard.

This portlet provides a convenient way to see all of a client’s prior invoices on the dashboard.

  • Click the title bar of the portlet to display an Invoice Journal report for the selected client.
  • Click the Show Options Two white down arrows button in the upper-right corner of the portlet (or right-click and choose Show Options) to display the following portlet options:
    • Mark the Enable Grouping checkbox to group the portlet by one or more column headings. Click and drag a column heading to the shaded area above the grid to group by that heading.
    • Mark or clear the Show Invoice Information checkbox to display or hide details for the selected invoice, access text from previously generated invoices, and enable grouping of invoice details.

      The Details tab shows details for the selected invoice. The Composed Text tab shows the text of the selected invoice. You can copy text from this tab.

    • Use the Search field to search for specific items in the list of invoices. See Using the search feature for more information on using the Practice CS search options.
    • Click the Show Filter Two blue down arrows button to display the Filter field. You can select items from the drop-down lists to display only projects that contain those items, or click the More More button button to create a custom filter. See Filtering your data for more information on using the filter matching options and creating custom filters.
  • Click the Field Chooser Field Chooser button button, and mark or clear the checkboxes for the columns you want to show or hide in the portlet.
  • The Realization % is calculated by dividing the actual billed rate by the original rate.
  • A Link Link button button indicates that an invoice has one or more links associated with it. Click the button to open the Links dialog, where you can view the items to which the invoice is linked.
  • A Custom Fields Custom Fields button button indicates that the invoice has custom field information. Click the button to open the Custom Fields dialog and view the custom field information.
  • Double-click an invoice to open the Detail Billing screen for that invoice.
  • Right-click an invoice in the portlet and then choose an action to perform from the context menu: Preview Selected, Print Selected, Edit Selected, or Open Selected.

Security note: When you enable security privileges for a portlet on the Security Groups setup screen, Practice CS may also enable privileges to view the data available in the portlet. Conversely, removing privileges for viewing data may also remove privileges for related portlets. Consult the Privileges changed pane on the Security Groups setup screen to see all privilege changes that are triggered by enabling access to a portlet.

For this portlet, if no privileges are already enabled for the following security option(s), full privileges will be enabled.

  • Menu > Setup > Clients > View

If your firm has multiple offices, you may want to rescind privileges to information for other offices. See More about security privileges for additional information on the relationships between various security privileges.

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