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The Tasks portlet is available on the Staff Dashboard.

Note: This portlet is available only if you are licensed for the Project Management module.

The Tasks portlet shows open tasks for the logged in staff member.

  • Click the Show Options Two white down arrows button in the upper-right corner of the portlet to display the following portlet options:
    • Mark the Enable Grouping checkbox to group the portlet by one or more column headings. Click and drag a column heading to the shaded area above the grid to group by that heading.
    • Open Tasks only: Mark this checkbox to display only open tasks in the portlet. Clear the checkbox to show all tasks for the currently logged-in staff member.
    • Use the Search field to search for specific items in the task list. See Using the search feature for more information on using the Practice CS search options.
    • Click the Show Filter Two blue down arrows button to display the Filter field. You can select items from the drop-down lists to display only tasks which contain those items, or click the More More button button to create a custom filter. See Filtering your data for more information on using the filter matching options and creating custom filters.
  • Click the Field Chooser Field Chooser button button and mark or clear the checkboxes for the columns you want to show or hide in the portlet.
  • Double-click a task to open the Task setup dialog.
  • If you have assigned a solution to the task, click the solution icon to launch the solution.

Right-click the portlet to open a context menu with commands for editing, deleting, completing, and printing tasks, and more.

If you have security privileges, you can click the title bar of this portlet to open the Project Tasks tab of the Manage Projects screen.

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