Bank accounts setup overview

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The Bank Accounts setup screen organizes your firm’s bank account information. Entering bank account records into Practice CS enables you to associate batches of payments with the firm’s bank accounts. You can also use bank accounts to group information on reports.

To open the Bank Accounts setup screen, choose Setup > Bank Accounts.

Note: The Bank Accounts screen is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to it by a different name. You can view the default names for user-defined items by choosing Help > Enable Default Terminology (or by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+H).

Adding a bank account

  1. In the Bank Accounts screen, click the Add button.
  2. Enter an ID and a Description for the bank account. Both fields are required.
  3. Click the Enter button to save the bank account information.

Editing a bank account

  1. Click the bank account name in the selection list.

    Tip: Enter the name or ID of the bank account in the Search field to go directly to that item in the selection list. The application will autofill the Search field as you type.

  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Make changes to the ID or description as needed.
  4. Click the Enter button to save your changes.

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