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The User Preferences dialog allows each user to customize certain controls and areas of the application so that they can perform their work more easily and efficiently. User preferences are available for Time & Expense Entry, Billing, Receipt & Adjustment Entry, and for the overall application (System). If you are licensed for the Staff Management module, user preferences for Scheduling are also available. The User Preferences dialog shows the settings for the staff member that is currently logged in.

To access User Preferences, choose Setup > User Preferences.


  • If the User Preferences command is not available from your Setup menu, you do not have security permission for User Preferences.
  • Your firm’s administrator or other user with security permission can specify default user preferences when setting up new staff in the application by choosing Setup > Firm > Preferences tab. Staff members can later change these preferences if they want. To restore the firm’s defaults at any time, click the Reset to new Staff defaults for Firm link at the bottom of the User Preferences dialog.


Use the System tab to set preferences for the overall application. You can select an alternate background color on lists, use the Enter key to move between fields in data entry, and enable desktop notifications. You can also choose a favorite Practice CS screen or dashboard to open when you start the application.

Note: To access your favorite screen from anywhere in the application, click the button on the Practice CS toolbar.

If you have marked the Don’t show this message again checkbox for messages in the application, you can click the Reset button to have these messages appear again.

Time & Expense Entry

Use the Time & Expense Entry tab to select field defaults and settings, timer rounding methods, time entry units, and display settings.


Use the Billing tab to select how to bill your clients or engagements, how to display WIP during billing, and to specify rounding methods for billing at standard. You can also choose certain defaults for Detail Billing.

Receipt & Adjustment Entry

Use the Receipt & Adjustment Entry tab to select field defaults and settings, set other entry options, display hash totals, and specify a tab of the Receipt & Adjustment Entry screen to start on each time the screen is opened.


Note: This tab is available only if you are licensed for the Staff Management module.

Use the Scheduling tab to specify which schedule items should appear on the Urgent tab of the Manage Staff screen. The Urgent tab will appear in the Manage Staff screen when the Enable Urgent Tab checkbox is marked.

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