Setting up an accruable benefit activity code

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To track accruable benefits such as vacation and sick time in Practice CS, you must set up accruable activites. For each accruable benefit activity code, you must enter accrual, allowance, and carryover information.

Benefit balances will accrue automatically based on the information entered during setup, and balances will be reduced when time is recorded for benefits.

  1. Choose Setup > Activities.
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Activities screen.
  3. Enter an ID and description (such as Vacation) for the activity that you will use to enter time for the benefit.
  4. In the Activity information section, select Administrative in the Class field.
  5. In the Administrative type field, select Accruable Benefit.
  6. Click the More Ellipse button next to the Administrative type field to open the Accruable Benefit dialog.
  7. Accrual information: If the benefit accrues with time, indicate the frequency (Weekly, Monthly, or Annually), and use the available options to specify the date on which the benefit accrues.

    Note: The date settings differ according to the selection made in the Accrues field.

  8. Allowance information: Select one of the options to indicate the number of benefit hours accrued per accrual period.
  9. Carryover information: If the benefit can be carried over annually, mark the Allow annual carryover checkbox and enter the maximum number of hours that can be carried over. The number of hours must be greater than 0.
  10. Click OK to save your changes to the Accruable Benefit dialog.
  11. In the Activities screen, click Enter to save the accruable benefit activity.

You must activate accruable activities for each staff member to which they apply.

  1. Choose Staff > Setup > Benefits tab.
  2. Select the staff member for whom you want to activate the accruable benefit activity and click Edit.
  3. Mark the Active checkbox for the new accruable activity.
  4. In the Effective Date field, enter the date on which the staff member will start accruing and using the new accruable benefit.
  5. Click Enter to save your changes.

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