Creating a Remote Entry firm database

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If your firm database is set to allow staff members to use the Remote Entry feature, you can use the Remote Entry dialog to create a remote entry firm database for you to use when you are away from the office.

If your laptop is connected to the firm network, use the following procedure to create a remote entry firm database.

You can use this procedure whenever you want to update the client data on your laptop.

This procedure replaces all existing Remote Entry firm data from your laptop, along with any time or expense entries that you have not transmitted. Be sure to transmit all existing entries before updating your Remote Entry firm data.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration > Remote Entry to open the Remote Entry dialog.
  2. Mark the Enable Remote Entry checkbox.
  3. Choose an existing filter from the Practice CS Client data to store field. If an appropriate filter does not exist, click the More Ellipse button to create a new filter, then select the new filter.

    Note: If you do not select a filter, all data is exported.

  4. Click OK.
  5. When prompted to verify that all entries have been transmitted, click Yes.
  6. Click OK to dismiss the warning about removing existing data.

Note: If you need to provide updated Remote Entry data to a staff member who is unable to return to the office, you must export the data and send it via email or other means.

For the next step in Remote Entry process, see Entering time and expense transactions remotely.

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