Defining the firm benefit year

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Before Practice CS can track benefits for your staff, you must first define the firm’s benefit year.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm to open the Firm setup screen.
  2. Click the Benefits tab.
  3. In the Benefit year section, specify your firm’s benefit year using the fields provided. For example, if your firm tracks benefits for a regular calendar year, you would enter dates from January 1 to December 31 for the year.
  4. Click Enter to save your changes, or continue by setting up firm holidays and/or comp time.


  • The first time you set up your firm’s benefit year, Practice CS defaults to the current calendar year. If necessary, you can change the end date of the year to reflect your firm’s calendar. When you enter an end date, the year beginning date is updated automatically.
  • When you conclude tracking for a benefit year, click the Create New Year button to enter dates for the next year. This button is inactive until your firm completes its benefit year.

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