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Comp time is time earned by staff for working beyond their expected hours, which they can take as time off later. If your firm allows its staff to earn comp time, follow these steps to activate comp time and specify settings for tracking comp time.

Note: If your firm chooses to use Practice CS to track comp time, you will also want to use the approval and posting process for time & expense entry, which requires an administrator to approve comp time entries.

  1. Choose Setup > Firm to open the Firm setup screen.
  2. Click the Benefits tab.
  3. Mark the Activate checkbox in the Comp time section to enable tracking of comp time.
  4. Select an option for the Allowance factor — either X hours for every hour worked over expected hours, or Based on time of year.
    • If you selected the first option, enter the number of hours of comp time earned for each additional hour worked using the field provided.
    • If you selected the Based on time of year option, click the More Ellipse button to open Based on Time of Year dialog, where you can set up different comp time accumulation rates for different times of year. Enter beginning and ending dates for each period along with the rate of accumulation in the Accumulation Factor column. Click OK when finished to return to the Firm setup screen.
  5. If your firm allows its staff to carry over comp time from one benefit year to the next, mark the Allow annual carryover checkbox.
  6. If your firm sets a maximum allowable carryover of comp time hours, mark the Maximum allowed checkbox and specify the maximum number of hours a staff member may carry over in the field provided.
  7. Click Enter to save your changes on the Firm setup screen.

Once comp time is activated for your firm, you will need to activate comp time for each applicable staff member.

  1. Choose Setup > Staff > Benefits tab.
  2. Select the staff member for whom you would like to activate comp time and click Edit.
  3. Mark the Active checkbox for the Comp Time benefit.
  4. In the Effective Date field, enter the date on which the staff member will start accruing and using the new accruable benefit.
  5. Click Enter to save your changes.

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