Time & Expense Entry overview

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Use the Time & Expense Entry screen to track time and expenses incurred while providing services to clients. You can enter time and expenses one staff at a time or for multiple staff. Your firm can also require timesheets to be reviewed and approved before they are posted.

To open the Time & Expense Entry screen, choose Actions > Time & Expense Entry (or press CTRL+T).


Use the Entry tab to enter time and expenses for individual staff in the data entry grid. There are separate sub-tabs for entering time and expenses. You can also start and stop timers on this tab.


Use the Overview tab to enter or view time and expenses for individual or multiple staff members at one time. This tab also allows you to enter both time and expenses in the same grid and across multiple sheet dates.

Note: You must have security permission to enter time for multiple staff.

Integrated Entries

Use the Integrated Entries tab to accept or reject transactions that were entered remotely. For more information on remote entry, see the topics Remote Entry overview and Accepting remotely entered time and expense transactions in the Practice CS Help & How-To Center.

Note: For this tab to appear with remotely entered transactions, you must allow remote entry during installation of Practice CS, and staff members must enable remote entry on their laptops and then enter and transmit transactions.


Use the Review tab to review and approve entries before they are posted. This tab is available only if your firm is using an approval process for time entry.

Using an approval process means that someone in the firm with the authority to review invoices, time and expenses, and A/R entries must approve these entries before they are posted. Unposted entries are not included in firm totals.

Approval process is a firm-wide preference that you specify in the Firm screen (Setup > Firm > Preferences tab).

Other information

The additional tabs at the bottom of the Time & Expense Entry screen provide further information about time and expense entries.

  • The Entry Information tab shows entry information about the selected item.
  • The Time Recap tab provides a summary of the time entered per day broken down into billable, nonbillable, and administrative hours, along with totals.
  • The Links tab shows any links that were created for the selected item. Right-click the tab and choose a command from the context menu to create a new link.
  • The Custom Fields tab shows information from time & expense entry custom fields.
  • The History tab, available to those who have sufficient security privileges, shows change history for the selected item.

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