Work-in-process (WIP) transfer

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Use the WIP Transfer dialog to transfer selected WIP amounts from one client to another.


  • Once WIP is billed or partially billed, you cannot transfer it.
  • You must have security privileges to view or edit entries for other staff and to edit amounts. If you do not, these fields are unavailable. If you do not have security privileges to edit prior period WIP, only WIP that is in or after the current period will appear in this dialog.
  1. Open the Time & Expense Entry screen (Actions > Time & Expense Entry).
  2. Click the WIP Transfer button.
  3. In the From Criteria column, select the client for the WIP you want to transfer and their criteria.
  4. In the To Criteria column, select the client to which you want to transfer WIP and their criteria.
  5. In the WIP Selection section, you can filter the WIP you want to transfer. The default filter is Entry Date / Is in the range / Period to Date.
  6. Amount: Select the change you want to make to the amounts of the selected transactions (if any). Choices are:
    • Recalculate, keep overrides — (Default) Recalculates the selected entries based on the new criteria, but retains entries that were manually overriden.
    • Recalculate — Recalculates the selected entries based on the new criteria.
    • Use this amount — Manually overrides the amount of WIP being transferred to the amount you have specified. You will be prompted to enter an amount.
    • Do not recalculate — Retains the original amount of the WIP entries being transferred, regardless of any other changes.
  7. Entries that meet your criteria are displayed at the bottom of the dialog. Mark the checkbox for each entry you want to include in the WIP transfer, or click the Select All button to select all entries.
  8. Click the Transfer Selected button. At the prompt, click OK to continue.

    Note: If the selected time and expense entries have project and task information, and you have changed the client or engagement without also selecting a project and task, you will receive the following prompt: "The specified changes may cause Project/Task information to be lost. Are you sure you want to continue?" Click No to cancel if you want to select project/task information for the selected transfer, and then click the Transfer Selected button. Otherwise, click Yes to continue.

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