Entering time and expenses for multiple staff

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Use the Overview tab of the Time & Expense Entry screen to enter both time and expense transactions in the same grid. The Overview tab lets you view and enter data for multiple staff across several Sheet Dates at the same time.

To open the Overview tab, choose Actions > Time & Expense Entry and click the Overview tab.

The Overview tab is designed for firms that have a staff member who enters other employees’ time and expenses. With the Overview tab’s powerful grouping and sorting capabilities, managers and supervisors can group the screen by staff and filter it by the current week’s sheet date, allowing them to verify staff time without printing reports.

Entering time and expenses

Data entry in this tab is the same as in the Enter Time & Expenses tab (for individual staff) except:

  • You need to select a staff ID and a sheet date for each transaction in the grid.
  • Hours and units appear in the same column. The number you enter depends on whether you are entering time or an expense.
  • Billing rates and unit price appear in the same column. If you do not have security permission to override rates in time and expense entry, you will be able to view but not change rates for time entry. You will be able to change the unit price for expenses.

Filtering and sorting the data entry grid

  • To filter the data entry grid by a particular field in the grid, select the field name from the Filter by drop-down list. The list contains all of the fields in the grid (Staff, Sheet Date, Client, Engagement, Activity, and Date) as well as any saved filters.
  • To create a new filter, click the More Ellipse button and use the Sheet Entry Filters window to specify the criteria for your filter. See Filtering your data for more information.
  • To group the data entry grid by a column heading, click and drag the heading to the shaded area above the grid. You can group by one or more headings. To ungroup the grid, drag the heading back to the row of column headings.

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