Reviewing time and expense entries

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Staff with security privileges to review timesheets can use the Review tab of the Time & Expense Entry screen to approve and post time and expense entries. Time and expenses are available for approval as soon as they are entered. The Review tab provides a grid view of all submitted timesheets. Once a timesheet is approved, entries on the sheet cannot be changed unless the sheet is first unapproved.


  • This tab is available only if your firm is using the approval process (which is enabled in Setup > Firm > Preferences tab) for time and expense entry.
  • Staff with security privileges to approve and post time and expense transactions can also edit approved and posted transactions. See Editing multiple time and expense entries.

Filtering and sorting time and expense entries

You can filter entries on the Review tab to make it easier to find entries to review and approve. To filter the data entry grid by a particular field, select the field description from the drop-down list at the top of the screen. Most fields in the grid are available to filter by. You can also select any saved filter you have created.

To create a new filter, click the More Ellipse button and use the Time & Expense Entry Filters dialog to specify the criteria for your filter. See Filtering your data for more information.

If you want to see only the unapproved or unposted entries, mark the Unapproved only or Unposted only checkbox.

You can also click a column heading to sort the data entry grid by that column.

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