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Technical Services can provide a custom conversion to Practice CS using Microsoft Excel. This makes transitioning your firm's practice management and client demographic data easier and more flexible because it reduces manual data entry and allows you to choose what data is converted for an optimal workflow.

Technical Services can convert data from any place that allows you to export reports to Microsoft Excel. To get an Excel based conversion:

  1. Contact Sales: Contact your sales rep or submit a request for sales to contact you to request this service.
  2. Determine what data you want to convert: Your sales account rep will discuss what types of data your firm wants to move to Practice CS and create a contract for the data conversion.
  3. Schedule a conversion date: Once sales submits your request, Technical Services will contact your firm within 3 business days. They will explain the process, establish goals, identify milestones, and answer any questions. If you also purchased training or an implementation package, a Professional Services consultant may reach out instead.
  4. Export your data: This step is only for firms that have a previous practice management system that can export data. Export files from your previous system to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. These can include:
    • Client lists with demographic information.
    • Staff lists with demographic information.
    • Activity (i.e., work codes) lists.
    • Client engagement information.
    • Detailed open WIP or open WIP aging reports.
    • Detailed open A/R or open A/R aging reports.
    • Custom field lists with values.
  5. Complete the conversion spreadsheet: Technical Services will give you a custom conversion spreadsheet to complete. If you exported data in the step above, copy and paste the exported information into this spreadsheet. If you didn't have a prior system to export from, manually enter the data in the spreadsheet.
  6. Send your data: Send your data to Technical Services. They will review it to make sure it's in the correct format and includes everything that was included in your contract. Once Technical Services receives your data, it typically takes 1 week for them to convert it and send back to you. However this timeframe can vary depending on workload and/or any errors they encounter during the conversion.
  7. Retrieve and import your converted data: When your converted data is ready, your firm will receive the data via secure file transfer for you to import into Practice CS.
Note: Technical Services will work with your firm to verify data counts and overcome any issues with wrong data. They will be sure to discuss any changes or additional steps needed to make sure the import into Practice CS is seamless. You will also receive a document with your converted data that explains the changes or additional steps that were discussed.

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