Tax Organizers

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Tax organizers help you create professional tax organizer packages. The application includes individual, trust/estate, gift, exempt organizations, and business tax organizers for several unique client employment statuses and tax situations.

Please see the specific tax organizer you need for additional information on its use.

Emailing a blank tax organizer (Fillable Form) PDF

You can mark the Email Blank Tax Organizer (Fillable Form) PDF checkbox to email a blank tax organizer that can be filled out and returned. See this topic for information and instructions.

Retrieving an email organizer

You can retrieve and store blank tax organizers e-mailed to clients. See this topic for information and instructions.

Masking social security and employer identification numbers

To mask the Social Security Number or an Employer Identification Number on printed or e-mailed federal forms or tax organizers, open the default staff member and mark the Mask SSN/EIN on client correspondence checkbox in the Options group box. For more information about staff options, see Staff.

Note: To set the default staff member, mark the Set as default staff member checkbox in the Staff Identification group box near the top of the screen prior to marking the Mask SSN/EIN on client correspondence checkbox.

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