Electronic filing guidelines for 1040 Screen Bank

Alerts and notices

If the client wants to deposit the refund or debit the balance due for an electronically filed return, enter the client's bank account information in the Part I - Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Withdrawal Information section of Screen Bank.

Electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit) applies only to the primary account in Screen Bank, and the code in the Type of account field must not be 3 (IRA). Electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit) also requires information in one of the following fields.

The primary bank account information from this section is also used with the Direct Deposit disbursement method for Refund Advantage or EPS Financial bank products. To choose this method, select 2 for direct deposit from the Disbursement method field in Screen RAL. If the Disbursement method field is blank, the Refund Advantage or EPS Financial product selection defaults to Direct Deposit when Screen Bank bank information is complete. For more information, see Electronic filing guidelines for 1040 Screen RAL.

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