Entering data for the same employer / sponsor and plan administrator (5500)

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Follow these steps when the employer / sponsor and the plan administrator are the same for a 5500 electronic return.

Note: You can use these steps to fix e-file error code X-002 or X-002SF. See 5500-US: ELF error code X-002SF for more information.

  1. In Screen 5500 in the General folder, enter the client's information in the sponsor section.

    Note: Do not enter information in the Individual signing for plan sponsor field.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the General folder.
  3. In Screen Admin, enter X in the Plan administrator information same as sponsor field. 
  4. Enter the name in the Individual signing for plan administrator field. 
  5. Open Screen ELF in the Electronic Filing folder, and complete only the Administrator field(s) for the designation used to sign the return (Website signer, Direct Signer, E-Signature, or Service Provider).

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