Entering state allocation data for 1041 state returns

Alerts and notices

You can allocate amounts to states by entering a percentage of federal amounts, or by entering specific item amounts in the State allocation spreadsheet.

Note: Amount fields applicable to one state may not be applicable to another state. Those amount fields that are not used to calculate in-state income for a particular state are shaded.

Use the following procedure to enter allocation data by state for the return.

  1. Open a 1041 client, click the appropriate input screen tab for the activity, and then click the Allocation button in the input screen. (You may also choose View > Allocation and then select an activity to open the state allocation spreadsheet, or press CTRL+B.)
  2. Click the desired tab and enter information in the State allocation spreadsheet. If you are entering information for Alabama, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, complete both the Total Source and State Source columns.
  3. Repeat step 2 to complete data entry for the remaining states.
  4. Click Done when you finish entering information.


  • To delete data from one or more cells in the spreadsheet, see Deleting state allocation information.
  • To select an entire spreadsheet column, click the heading at the top of the column.
  • To select an entire spreadsheet row, click the component heading at the beginning of the row.

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