1040NR - Nonresident alien return FAQs (1040)

Alerts and notices

The following includes answers to common questions about entering data for 1040 nonresident alien returns.

General questions

How do I create a nonresident alien return?

How do I enter the filing status for a nonresident alien return?

My client is a student or business apprentice from India. How do I indicate this so my client can claim the standard deduction on Form 1040NR?

How do dependent exemptions calculate for 1040NR?

My married nonresident client has a passive loss from a rental real estate with active participation. Why doesn't the application allow the special $25,000 allowance?

How do I indicate the nonresident individual is required to file Schedule SE, Self-Employment Tax?

Dual-status filing questions

How do I process a dual-status return?

Where can I enter statement period amounts for a dual-status return?

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