1040-US: Dependent child born in current year not transferring to Schedule EIC

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I entered dependent information for a child born in the current tax year. Why didn't the dependent information transfer to Schedule EIC?


The most common reason is that the child has lived in the home for six months or less and you entered 6 or a number less than six in the Dependents statement dialog. Qualifying dependents must have a dependent code of 1, 5, or 7, and the number of months lived in the home must be greater than six. For a child born in 2018, enter 12 as the number of months in the home. IRS instructions for Schedule EIC, line 6 and Form 1040, line 6c both instruct you to enter 12 for the number of months lived at home for any child born in 2018 if the taxpayer's home was the child's home since birth.

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