1040-US: Entering home office information

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How do I enter office-in-home information?


  1. Click the Asset tab in the applicable Business, Farm, Rental, K1 1065, 1120S, or Other Adjustments folder.
  2. From the Asset List window, click the Add button to enter a new asset (home, land, or improvement) or click the Modify button to modify an existing asset.
  3. Complete the Description, Date Placed in Service, Cost basis, and other depreciation-related fields on the Depreciation tab.
  4. Click the Home Office tab.
  5. From the Type of Home Office asset field, select the home office asset type.
  6. Complete the Total Area of the Home and Area Used Exclusively for Business fields. This data is essential to the correct calculation and completion of Form 8829 and the Office in Home worksheets.

    Note: To enter summary asset information directly onto Screen 8829, see Entering summary asset data.

  7. Complete any applicable fields in the Allowable Deductions group box on the Home Office tab.
  8. Click Done.

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