Manually completing a web organizer for a renamed client to resolve downloading issues

Alerts and notices

If you transmit a 1040 web organizer to NetClient CS and subsequently rename that client in UltraTax CS, the application cannot import the client's 1040 retrieved web organizer successfully. (You may receive a "web organizer completed" notification via email, but will not be able to retrieve that web organizer.) 

To resolve this issue, rename the client in UltraTax CS and return it to the original client ID, then log in to NetClient CS as the administrator and manually send the completed web organizer back to your firm


  • The Rename dialog in UltraTax CS contains a warning regarding the effects of changing the ID of client's return in the application. 
  • If the web client organizer is re-sent to the client's portal, it will override the initial completed organizer and the client will have to re-enter the organizer information.