Web organizer or attachments won't download

Alerts and notices

When you retrieve a web organizer, you might experience one of the following: 

  • Web organizer doesn't download (i.e. is not successfully retrieved).
  • Organizer attachments do not download.
  • Organizer attachments do not print to FileCabinet CS (if you are licensed for it).

Find the cause

If you experience any of the above, answer each one of these questions. Click the link to read more about the question.

You can only download the organizer if the client ID is the same as when you sent it. If you changed the client ID since sending the organizer, change the client ID back and resend the organizer using the instructions below.

If renaming the client doesn't work, restore a backup of the client before the name change and resend the organizer. If you don't have a backup, you will need to either:

  • Create and transmit a new web organizer to your client and ask your client to re-enter their information
  • or create a PDF copy of the organizer from inside the client's portal. The client can log in to their portal, access their organizer, and click the Create PDF button. They should send you the PDF and any attachments. You will need to manually input the organizer information into the UltraTax CS client.

You or someone else at the firm might have already downloaded the organizer or attachments. You can check this by opening the client, clicking the arrow next to the clock icon in the toolbar, and looking for the Organizer Web retrieved status event. If that event is listed, the person named in the event downloaded the organizer.

If there are attachments associated with the organizer, check with the person who downloaded the organizer; the folder where attachments are downloaded is chosen by the person who downloaded it. If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS (FCS), check the 12/31/YY folder in FCS for the attachment.

Resend organizer

Once you have answered the questions above and corrected any potential issues, you or your client need to resend the organizer. If none of the above applied and nothing needed to be corrected, re-send the organizer anyway; many times, a second download attempt is successful.

The steps you take to resend the organizer depends on whether your firm has NetStaff portals. Click the link below for instructions, depending on if your firm has NetStaff CS or not. 

  1. Log in to secure.netlinksolution.com
  2. Click the Admin tab.
  3. Under NetClient CS, click Users.
  4. Find the client in the list and highlight it. You can search for the client by name using the search box at the top of the list.
  5. Click the blue View Portal button.
  6. Click the folder with the client's name on the left, then click the organizer.
  7. Click the Send to Preparer button.

    Note: If Send to Preparer is grayed out, click the Create PDF button to download the organizer, then click the Uploaded Tax Documents button in the client's portal to download any attachments. You will need to use the PDF organizer to manually enter information into the UltraTax client.

  8. Open UltraTax CS and retrieve the web organizer through CS Connect.

If there are multiple clients affected and the firm does not want to manually download and enter the organizer, there may be an option to have the organizer rehung. Talk to the UltraTax CF for approval. If approved, the CF will contact the TRTAPlatformAnalysts with the Firm ID and client IDs.

  1. You need to determine if the client will be able to send the organizer again. There is a setup option in UltraTax CS for this.
    • For 1040 clients: Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab > Options button.
    • For 1065, 1120 clients: Setup > 1065 Partnership or 1120 Corporation > Organizer tab.
  2. Note whether this is checked or unchecked: Allow the client to choose the Web Organizer "Send to Preparer" button only once and prevent further changes.
  3. If the box is checked, contact Support at (800) 968-0600 to have the organizer resent. If the box is not checked, ask your client to log in to their NetClient CS portal, go to their organizer and click the Send to Preparer button. Once they send the organizer, attempt to retrieve it in UltraTax CS through CS Connect.

If a firm requests that an organizer be resent, confirm that there are no underlying issues and follow all the steps above. If necessary, take the Firm ID and client ID of the affected client(s) to the UltraTax CF. If approved, the CF will email the TRTAProfessionalPlatformAnalysts@thomsonreuters.com with a request to rehang the organizer. See Who to contact for Web Services issues for more detail regarding emailing TRTA Professional Platform Analysts.

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