UltraTax CS/2290 electronic filing overview

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Follow these steps to electronically file a 2290 return.

  1. Optional: Set the Schedule 1 destination.
    1. Choose Setup > 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, and click the Other Return Options button.
    2. If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom, UltraTax CS automatically stores watermarked Schedules 1 in those applications after retrieving the documents from the IRS via CS Connect. If you do not want a copy of the watermarked Schedule 1 saved to FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom, clear the checkbox in the Schedule 1 destination group box.
    3. UltraTax CS automatically marks the 2290 Schedule 1 PDF location checkbox to save a copy of the watermarked Schedule 1 in a specified location on your hard drive or network. If you do not want a copy of the watermarked Schedule 1 saved to this location, clear the checkbox. To modify this location, click the Browse browse  button adjacent to this field, navigate to the desired location, and click OK.
  2. Prepare the return, or the amended return, for electronic filing.
  3. Check for errors in the electronic file, and then correct errors, if necessary.
  4. Transmit the electronic file to the IRS via CS Connect.

    For security purposes, electronically filing a return or extension from CS Connect requires you to verify your account via multi-factor authentication (MFA), which uses our TR Authenticator mobile app. To avoid interrupting the e-filing process, enable MFA for the account you use to sign in to UltraTax CS now.

  5. Retrieve acknowledgements via CS Connect.
    • If the return is rejected, correct errors in the return, re-create the electronic file, and retransmit the return.
    • If the return is accepted, the watermarked Schedule 1 is saved to the destination you chose in step 1.
    • After you retrieve the acknowledgements, you can view the updated status of the electronic file in the Electronic Filing Status dialog.

    Note: CS Connect will download only the watermarked Schedule 1 when the firm is either licensed for FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom or if a valid location is showing in Setup > 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax > Other Return Options > 2290 Schedule 1 PDF location.

For information about Form 2290 filing dates, visit the IRS website.

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