2290-US ELF: Electronic filing FAQs

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The following includes answers to common questions about electronic filing.


How do I prepare 2290 electronic returns (including batch processing)?

Is there a mandate for electronically filing heavy highway vehicle use tax returns?

Do I need to file an application to file electronic returns?

How do I sign a return that is being filed electronically?

Which forms and schedules are accepted for 2290 electronic returns?

What are the field size limitations for 2290 electronic returns?

How many years of returns does the IRS support for electronic filing?

When does UltraTax CS automatically complete the ERO Firm Name field on the IRS e-file Signature Authorization form?

How does UltraTax CS warn against entering data in a return after the return's electronic file has been created and is ready for transmission?

Payments and refunds

If I have a balance due, what payment options are available for electronic filing?

How do I indicate on Form 2290 that the balance due payment will be made via the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)?

PDF attachments

Which forms can I attach as a PDF file to the electronic file?

How do I attach a PDF document to the electronic file?

Critical diagnostics and error codes

How do I resolve the diagnostic indicating that Schedule 1 Consent must be attached to the return?

How do I resolve electronic filing error code R0000-922-01?

Previously filed returns

Can amended returns be electronically filed?

What should I do if I have electronically transmitted a return within the last 24 to 48 hours and have not yet received an acknowledgement from the IRS?

How many days do I have to resubmit an electronically filed return if the return was rejected by the IRS?

For additional information about electronically filing 2290 returns, see UltraTax/2290 electronic filing overview.


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